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For new enquiries, please visit the Clubs page where a host of information is available. 

Season 2020 Draw Changes 8th July...

Some major changes to the Draw (July 8) - mainly Div 1 women and U18 Boys - few minor tweaks as well - all marked in red. Please go to the Fixtures page or click here

Office Hours Update July 8th

The Office has re-opened this week under a limited time frame which will extend as the season recommences. For the next fortnight, the Office will be attended Monday to Friday 9am to 1pm. Stay posted for further updates.

COVID Safety Plan for Training, Season Plan & SCHA Fees

COVID Safety Plan


The SCHA COVID 19 Safety Plan can be found here and has been developed in conjunction with Hockey Queensland and aligns with the Qld Government approved industry COVID Safe Plan for Field Team Sports. All members are required to adhere to these guidelines so that training can recommence and for the safety of all members.


The key points for anyone attending for training are:



  • Training groups are restricted to a maximum of 20 per zone (including coaches and managers)

  • No person is to enter any other zone at any time. If a ball goes into another zone it is to be retrieved at the end of the session or wait for it to be returned by someone in the other zone

  • Each zone has a separate entry and exit point that must be strictly adhered to (Diagrams 2 & 3)

  • Every one attending training must have their name and details recorded on an attendance register for each session by a club representative which then needs to be sent to SCHA ( within 24 hours

  • All players must arrive dressed for training and leave immediately after the end of their training session to enable the next group to enter.

  • The car park inside the fenced area and the veranda in front of the clubhouse will be closed. Entry will be via the stairs in front of the clubhouse and exit via the double gates at the canteen end of the clubhouse. (Diagram 1)

  • Training time on the field will be reduced to 45 minutes. SCHA has allowed a 15 minute window to allow 10 minutes for a group to pack up, clean their area and then depart and a 5 minute window for the next group to enter

  • Sanitising stations shall be available at all entry and exit points of the turf facility and fields. Handwashing is available in the changerooms along with toilets.

  • Clubs and users shall also provide sanitiser products for their training sessions.

  • No person (coaches included) can train in more than one zone on the same day (i.e.: Juniors cannot train with juniors and then train with seniors on the same day).

  • The only cleaning requirement we will ask of members is for the tops of the dugout walls to be wiped down by a member of the group once their training is finished. Spray bottles with disinfectant, disposable gloves and paper towel will be made available by SCHA. Please ensure paper towel and gloves are disposed of in the bins provided.

  • Facility will be commercially cleaned after any day that the turf facility has been used

  • No spectators. It is strongly recommended that Parents and Caregivers drop and go or wait in their car. If this is not possible at most 1 x parent or caregiver attend (no non participating siblings) and must remain in the dedicated Parent Zones.

I will be conducting the induction for club COVID Safe Coordinators and any members wishing to attend. This will be on Saturday, June 13, at 3pm. Please let me know via reply email if you wish to attend so we can ensure social distancing guidelines are adhered to.


We will also require assistance to set up the zones, sanitising stations, signage etc which we will do at the same time so any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



Just Hockey Hut 


In order to support Just Hockey and their willingness to be open during this training period for our members, access to Just Hockey will be available for anyone during their advertised opening times.  Please ensure, as per Diagram 1 (white arrows), you walk directly to the hut from the entry gate in front of the clubhouse.  Please follow the Just Hockey safety guidelines and ensure social distancing is observed at all times.  Once finished at the hut please proceed directly to the exit gates at the canteen end (southern end) of the clubhouse.



Season Plan


We understand that some members will want to see this information along with fees before deciding if they will return to play this year. Please be aware that this season plan outline may be subject to change as the draw can’t be finalised until final team numbers are known.


Brent and the sub-committee have done the best they can with the season plan (attached) to this point based on the team nominations from the start of the year. Subcommittee is to reconvene on 16/6/2020 to update on team nominations and change individual Division structures if required with a view to the draw being released in full no later than 1 July, 2020.


It is therefore vital that you let your club know if you are returning to play or not so that they can work out their team numbers to allow a draw to be finalised.


Additional information about the season plan.


Finals Structure for all Divisions, except U15.

Week One: Qualifying Final - 2v3


Week Two: Grand Final – 1 v Winner QF


Dual Finals Structure for U15.


Week One – Qualifying Final – 2v3

Week Two – Grand Final – 1 v Winner QF



Week One – Plate Classification Final – 5 v 6

Week Two – Plate Final – 4 v Winner Plate Classification Final


Turf Allocations as best as possible

Div 1 and 2 – 100% Turf

Div 3 – Maximise Turf Opportunities

U18, U15 and U12 – 50% as per original Season Plan

Any mid-week matches to be played in the training slot of one of the scheduled teams.

Junior teams having to play additional games will be on a Sunday morning on the turf if at all possible.

Division 3 men and women are likely to play additional games on grass on a Saturday to try and minimise the mid-week games.


Hookin2Hockey commencement date is yet to be confirmed but is likely to be Friday, July 17.





All members can expect a reduction in fees from their clubs due to the reduced number of games, training sessions and all training will be FREE up until July 11.


SCHA would also like to confirm that any member not returning will receive a full refund from SCHA for our portion of the registration fee. Please be aware that HQ, HA and clubs will have their own refund policies and therefore each member will need to enquire directly with each of them as to their ability to obtain a refund.


To request refunds from SCHA please send an email to Kristy at


For our governing bodies please email Hockey Australia: and Hockey Queensland:


Please send one e-mail to each organisation with the member’s information as requested below.

Full name:

Date of Birth:

Revolutionise ID:

Reason for refund request:

Transfer Reference: Usually MR followed by 3 numbers i.e. MR374

Payment Date:

Payment Amount:

Name of Account for refund:

BSB and Account details for refund:

Name of Association:

HQ COVID-19 Statement 

Update - March 24th

Hockey Australia Cancellation of Events 2020 - click here

Hockey Queensland Cancellation of Events 2020 - click here

Update - March 18th

The SCHA Board continues to follow the advice and directive of our governing bodies being Hockey Queensland and Hockey Australia.


At this point in time SCHA training and games will continue as scheduled until such time we receive advice to the contrary.

The board is scheduled to meet Wednesday night along with either a President or Secretary from each club to relay the most up to date information from Hockey Queensland and Hockey Australia. The Board will continue to provide members with regular updates via club secretaries, Facebook and the Website home page. Please be assured that the Health and Safety of our members, volunteers and staff is paramount and if there are any significant changes, we will email each registered member directly.

From HQ - their latest statement regarding the virus. Please check regularly and stay posted for any further information as it becomes available.

Important Update March 17 230pm

HQ Announcement

HA Statement

Update March 17th:

HQ Covid Announcement

HQ Activity Guidelines


Come & Play Hockey In 2020
(due to recommence July 11)

Sunshine Coast Hockey is played at Buderim at the SCHA International facility on Ballinger Rd. Winter fixtures for all ages and divisions are played every weekend at the one venue. Season 2020 will commence in early March however Clubs will start training and having their sign-ons from late January. To find a Club and for more information, click here 

Upcoming Dates

Please refer to the Calendar for all upcoming meetings, events and representative tournament dates etc.


Please note that the Winter Grade Competition, Masters Men & Women, Indoor and Summer Hockey are now all linked under the Play Hockey Tab on the menu. Results, records and fixtures are all listed on the individual relevant pages.


2020 Season

Tues 430pm-730pm

Wed 430pm-730pm

Thu 430pm-730pm

Fri 6pm-830pm (until H2H starts)

Sat 830am-130pm


Please message if anything needed urgently outside these times and we will try and help you out.

By appointment P: 0415 109 163




Club training times for 2020 - Click Here


SCHA Office Hours 

Monday: 7.00am - 3.00pm

Tuesday: 7.00am - 3.00pm

Wednesday: 7.00am - 3.00pm

Thursday: 7.00am - 3.00pm

Friday: 7.00am - 1.00pm

Register Your Business or Trade!


We are currently setting up a business directory on the SCHA website. The reason for this is twofold – (a) SCHA often gets Grants plus require other services and would rather put the business to our members than outsourcing further and (b) it would be a great opportunity for members to be able to utilise other members knowing the business stays within our community.


To register your name, please click here and submit and we will include you on the listing.

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