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Representative Team Booking Protocols



All flights for travelling teams are booked well in advance to attract the best possible rate and cannot be changed. Flights are booked for 15 players, umpire, coach and manager. Any changes requested after teams are announced cannot be accommodated and players will be charged for the full amount. No credits will apply. The booking agent will refer any such queries/requests to the SCHA office and will follow SCHA protocol.



Accommodation is also booked well in advance. Any parents/friends wishing to travel with teams will have to organise (and pay) for their own accommodation. The SCHA will happily provide the details of the accommodation but will not act as an intermediary or booking agent on behalf of the parent/friend. SCHA will only provide the rooming arrangements to the coaches and managers and any special requests for changes can be directed and organized through the team. Full room rates based on the team format (as above) will apply.

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