Green Cards

Please note the current Green card rule applies to all divisions both junior & senior.

For Turf games, Tech Bench are to administer the 2 Minute Suspension.


For Grass games, the Umpire (who issued the Green card) is to administer the suspension. The Player is to stand behind their own goal as with a yellow card suspension. It is important that all Umpires should have a time keeping device with them whilst umpiring.


Penalty Corners

Defenders and/or attackers who have broken on a Penalty Corner are to be sent to the half way line and the Penalty Corner replayed for all Grades including J3.


Defenders and/or attackers who have broken and been sent to the half way line are precluded from the penalty corner formation if another PC is awarded before the original PC is over. If the ball exits beyond the 5m dotted line and a new PC is then awarded they can join in again for the new PC.

Clubs please ensure their players, coaches and umpires are aware of the new rule changes.

Representative Umpire Nominations

Clubs are requested to remind all people who are interested in nominating for representative umpiring. Nominations can be sent or delivered to SCHA administration on the form found in the Forms page.

FIH Rules App 2017

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